The USDA Rural Development Loan just got cheaper!!


Already very popular with first-time home buyers because of it’s zero down payment feature, this loan is now one of the most affordable options available.

The Upfront Guarantee Fee – has been significantly reduced from 2.75% to 1.00%  –  that’s .75% less than the FHA upfront fee!  This reduction greatly reduces the amount added to the loan.  For example, for a $150,000 home purchase the guarantee fee is reduced from $4,125 to $1,500 resulting in lower debt obligation and lower payments.

The Annual Fee – has been decreased to .35% from .50%.  The annual fee is divided by 12 months and included in each house payment.  Using the $150,000 home purchase example, that is a savings of about $20 per month bringing the total monthly savings to over $32.  That can make the difference in an approval or denial!

Call me today to discuss if this loan option is a good fit for you!  Or click below to get pre-qualified!

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