Stars and Stripes Forever

A few flag fun facts for Flag Day:

  • The Second Continental Congress passed the Flag Act to specify a banner for the newly founded nation. The design remained unchanged until 1794, when Kentucky and Vermont joined the Union, adding two stars and two stripes.
  • In 1818, the stripes were set at 13 to honor the original colonies, but legislation allowed new stars to be added each July 4 following the admission of a new state.
  • Over a century passed after the American flag was created before anyone suggested a holiday to celebrate it. Bernard Cigrand, a grade school teacher from Wisconsin, organized what’s believed to be the first Flag Day.
  • In 1916, Woodrow Wilson issued a presidential proclamation designating June 14 as Flag Day, but Congress didn’t pass legislation making Flag Day a national holiday until 1949.
  • Pennsylvania, where the flag was created, is the only state that officially recognizes Flag Day as a state holiday.
  • The Textile Color Card Association of the United States specifies the official color palette for the flag. Aside from white, the exact shades are named “Old Glory Red” and “Old Glory Blue

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