Don’t Be Duped by Logos in Email Attachments


Cybercriminals are branding email-attached documents with known companies’ logos, trying to trick users into clicking links and giving out their credentials.

NOTE: Never click on links that are asking you to pick your email provider and enter your credentials. This is a tactic used to gain access to your email to steal personal data. Your email address can then be used to send emails to others, trying to trick them as well.

Example of a malicious PDF attachment:


Users who click on the link are taken to a legitimate looking website, where they are asked to select their email provider and to log on. Doing so sends your credentials to cybercriminals, who know this tactic is the most successful way of hacking into a user’s mailbox.


These types of emails are difficult to quarantine, even for the most up-to-date email security gateways.  So be aware to keep yourself safe!

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