The 2 Biggest Hurdles for First-Time Homebuyers that Are Easily Overcome


The obstacles to buying a first house may appear insurmountable. But for many who think they can’t afford the American dream of owning your own home, there’s some good news: You probably can ― and in a place you’d actually want to live.

Hurdle #1:   You don’t have the 20% down payment.

Did you know that According to the National Association of Realtors, 81 percent of Americans purchase their first home with less than 20 percent down.  I have loan programs from 0% (RD and VA) to Conventional 3% to FHA’s 3.5%!

The difference between 20% and 3% on a house selling for $300,000 is the difference between $60,000 and $9,000. Sounds more doable already, doesn’t it?

Still coming up short?  Check these are places to look for down payment money:

 Hurdle #2: You have bad credit.

Financial mistakes in your past don’t automatically prohibit you from achieving your goals for the future. Don’t assume you will be denied a mortgage because of a low credit score or other factors. I can do FHA loans down to a 580!  Give me a call and let me take a look at it.  It’s worth a shot!

Give me a call today!  I would love to discuss these hurdles and all the other questions you probably have.  Let’s get you into the home of your dreams!



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